isZoomedIgnoreProgrammaticZoom Option

By default, when the dateWindow or updateOptions of a chart is changed programmatically by a call to updateOptions the zoomed flags (isZoomed) are changed. This is the same as manually zooming in using the mouse.

Sometimes it may be desirable to change the display of the chart by manipulating the dateWindow and valueRange options but without changing the zoomed flags, for example where manual zooming is still required but where it is also desired that the zoomed flags drive display elements, but only for manual zooming.

In this case isZoomedIgnoreProgrammaticZoom may be specified along with either the dateWindow or valueRange values to updateOptions and the zoomed flags will remain unaffected.

The chart below may be manipulated to change the updateOptions using the Max and Min Y axis buttons and the dateWindow by using the Max and Min X axis buttons.

Toggle the check box below to determine the difference in operation of the zoom flags when the date and value windows of the chart are changed using the arrows underneath.

Do not change zoom flags (isZoomedIgnoreProgrammaticZoom)

Max Y Axis:

Min Y Axis:

Min X Axis:

Max X Axis:

Zoomed Flags

Zoomed: False

Zoomed X: False

Zoomed Y: False

Window coordinates (in dates and values):