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Creates an interactive, zoomable graph based on a CSV file or string. Dygraph can handle multiple series with or without error bars. The date/value ranges will be automatically set. Dygraph uses the <canvas> tag, so it only works in FF1.5+.
Author: (Dan Vanderkam) Usage:
The CSV file is of the form Date,SeriesA,SeriesB,SeriesC YYYYMMDD,A1,B1,C1 YYYYMMDD,A2,B2,C2 If the 'errorBars' option is set in the constructor, the input should be of the form Date,SeriesA,SeriesB,... YYYYMMDD,A1,sigmaA1,B1,sigmaB1,... YYYYMMDD,A2,sigmaA2,B2,sigmaB2,... If the 'fractions' option is set, the input should be of the form: Date,SeriesA,SeriesB,... YYYYMMDD,A1/B1,A2/B2,... YYYYMMDD,A1/B1,A2/B2,... And error bars will be calculated automatically using a binomial distribution. For further documentation and examples, see

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